Top 2020 Wedding Trends

It's the new year! With that, comes fresh and exciting new things. Weddings are constantly changing thanks to innovative industry trends and visionary couples. All the time, engaged couples are using their full creativity and imagination to come up with something original and unique, matching their wedding to their own chic personalities. Are you planning a wedding for this year? Here are the latest designs and trends for this year's hottest nuptials.


Weddings with the intention to limit the ecological impact of their special event on the planet are increasing. Many sustainably-minded couples choose to do all of their wedding correspondence digitally to avoid paper wastage, or at the very least, use recycled paper. Using potted herbs or greenery in place of cut flowers is another example of how weddings are becoming greener.

Mystical Vibes

Crystals, sage, and tarot cards; you can expect a spiritually-charged aura at these magical marriages. You're sure to have your chakra balanced at a reception with healing rituals, meditation, palm readings, and the overall feel-good energy. If you're looking for an undeniably unique style, then these witchy weddings are for you.

Inclusive Menus

With all of the specialized diets and food restrictions that many people have, it's becoming more popular to incorporate customizable menus to accommodate those with such complications. Whether guests are vegan, gluten-free, allergic to nuts, or simply just picky, they'll still have a meal made specifically for them.

More inspiration to expect this year: bold colors, self-serve refreshments, statement (huge) veils, mixologists, statement LED lighting, edible florals, flower walls, and more. Follow some wedding pages on social media to keep up with the most current trends. Happy engagement, and Happy New Year!

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