COVID-19: 25 Quarantine Activities

If you're like me, (and basically most of the human population) your life has recently been greatly affected by COVID-19. Even if you aren't personally infected, the virus brought with it a domino-effect of disaster. Now we face a disheartening time as our livlelihoods are being altered. It's bad enough, due to the widespread panic, that we're lucky to even find essentials at the store, but now people are losing tons of money. With the majority of events being cancelled, small businesses aren't the only ones taking a huge hit. Brides and grooms that have already paid deposits and finalized wedding details are now having to cancel or postpone their dates. Plus, if you are doing your part and practicing social distancing, things are about to get very boring. So here is a list of "quarantine activities" that will keep you occupied and on track, no matter where you're at in your planning process.

  1. Work on your wedding website/registry.

  2. Plan your honeymoon.

  3. Formulate a budget.

  4. Research or start DIY projects.

  5. Add songs to your playlist.

  6. Start guest list or track RSVPs.

  7. Design your theme and colors.

  8. Create all stationery- invitations, save-the-dates, thank-you cards, programs, etc.

  9. Start addressing envelopes.

  10. Break-in your wedding shoes by wearing them around the house.

  11. Pamper yourself; have an at-home spa day.

  12. Research latest trends, tips, and ideas.

  13. Work on writing your vows.

  14. Browse wedding favors/gifts for your wedding party & family.

  15. Take photos of and label all decor to resell after the wedding.

  16. Update all expenses, budget, receipts, etc.

  17. Do some work-outs to maintain your wedding dress bod.

  18. Decide on menu, bar, flowers, and cake.

  19. Plan a party- engagement, bridal shower, bachelorette, etc.

  20. Read articles related to weddings.

  21. Start making your seating chart.

  22. Plan your rehearsal dinner.

  23. Make a packing lists for the day of the wedding and your honeymoon.

  24. Don't panic-buy anything you don't absolutely need!

  25. Most importantly... WASH your hands, and DISINFECT/wipe all surfaces!!!

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