Best Honeymoon Trips & Tips!

Do you find yourself struggling with the winter blues, and daydreaming about tropical land? Then you and I are in the same boat (metaphorically speaking, since Kansas is landlocked). To put it simply, doing the research for this post left me longing for an adventure! Not to mention all of the travel-related ads I'll be getting now. Maybe I should start offering Destination Wedding Packages...

Anyway, in the event that you're reading this blog because you're actually planning a honeymoon vacation, (not just to hear me whine about winter) here is a list of the top 25 honeymoon destinations in 2020, along with some handy tips to help the planning process! The original article of the top destinations was a list of 50, but I'm a wedding planner and a mother, I don't have that kind of free time!

  1. Amalfi Coast, Italy

  2. Antigua & Barbuda

  3. Austin, Texas

  4. Australia

  5. Baja California, Mexico

  6. Bali, Indonesia

  7. Bhutan

  8. British Virgin Islands

  9. Buenos Aires, Argentina

  10. Cape Town, South Africa

11. Cartagena, Colombia

12. Colorado

13. Copenhagen

14. Costa Rica

15. Croatia

16. Cyclades, Greece

17. Dominica

18. Fiji

19. Galapagos

20. Grenada

21. Guatemala

22. Iceland

23. Japan

24. Lanai

25. Madagascar

And now...

Tips for your Trips!

  • Plan early

  • Don't copy someone's exact itinerary

  • Consider a travel agent

  • Plan together

  • Set a realistic budget

  • Ask for recommendations

  • Set up a honey-fund

  • Schedule surprises

  • Watch out for hidden costs

  • You don't have to leave right after the wedding

  • Delegate planning responsibilities

  • Book transportation to and from airport

  • Plan activities, excursions, and experiences

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