Ask a Planner: 50 Hacks You Need to Know About

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

As someone who has not only planned, but attended hundreds of weddings, I see the things that fall through. I see the common mistakes made during weddings, the budget errors and the DIY fails. I'm seasoned in last-minute problem solving at this point. And I know, you're engaged which means you're probably getting tons of unsolicited advice from just about everyone. But who better to provide guidance than an actual wedding planning experts? To make your life easier, I've gathered some of the most useful and practical wedding hacks that every bride should take into consideration. And I promise, after reading this list, there's no doubt your wedding will go a little smoother.

  1. Research wedding blackout dates

  2. Have a dedicated email address for planning

  3. Check your credit

  4. Send invites digitally

  5. Stay organized with binders and folders

  6. Keep a paper trail; contracts, receipts, etc.

  7. Number each RSVP card in case they don't write their name

  8. Have a small cake to cut, and a sheet cake for guests

  9. Have a Friday or Sunday wedding to save money

  10. Buy a pre-owned dress

  11. Break-in your wedding shoes!!

  12. Designate who gives toasts

  13. Get a personalized stamp for thank-you cards

  14. Keep a list of all vendors' contact info.

  15. Save for unexpected expenses

  16. Opt for food trucks instead of catering

  17. Use veil weights if it's a windy day

  18. Give your planner/photographer a family member cheat sheet

  19. Borrow chairs from local businesses

  20. Set up a kids table with activities

  21. Download wedding planning apps

  22. Bring an extra set of all stationery for photos

  23. Avoid dairy for a few days to reduce bloating

  24. Buy heel protectors to walk in grass

  25. Create a playlist and "DON'T play" list for DJ

  26. Collect photo pose ideas

  27. Stash lipstick at your table ahead of time

  28. Keep Wine Wipes and Tide pens handy

  29. Rough up your shoe soles with sandpaper

  30. Save flowers from your bouquet to dry

  31. Get/make programs that double as fans if it's hot

  32. Use glue or stickers instead of licking envelopes

  33. Have guests write their address on postcards for your thank-you cards

  34. Use mosquito-repelling perfume

  35. Make sure to have snacks handy during the day

  36. Try DIY projects way sooner than later

  37. Go to bed early the night before

  38. Lay out dress and accessories the night before

  39. Do hair and makeup trials to know how long it takes

  40. Don't skip any meals that day!

  41. Start your seating chart early

  42. Leave extra time for first look and family/wedding party photos

  43. Don't let your cocktail hour run too long!

  44. Don't splurge on favors, guests rarely keep them

  45. Make a wedding website

  46. Take some time off of work

  47. Create a hashtag to easily see your guests' photos

  48. Research and gather documents for marriage license

  49. Create a detailed schedule of the weekend for your wedding party

  50. Last but not least.... HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER! They will help with all of this and more. You never know what last-minute surprises will come up. You'll be thankful you have someone experienced to handle it.

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